Sphaera Camera (RedDot)

The Sphaera Camera exhibits many features that make photography a more engaging and accessible experience. The form of the camera ensures stability through a more compact and secure hand placement on the camera, leading to less motion blur. The two camera dials give the user ultimate flexibility to make discrete and continuous changes to the camera’s settings. The large dial is intended to be set to “zoom” or “aperture” function since both can be continuous and, in zoom lenses, linked. The small dial can be set to “shutter speed” or “ISO” function. The interface is designed to allow the user to change the settings on the fly while providing users with visual feedback of the changes they make.



We started the project with a blank slate, interviewing and observing professional photographers and hobbyists. Through ethnographic research, they discovered essential functions and form expectations. It was found that enthusiasts were quick to try and accept new technology, especially when it came to mirrorless cameras, but many did not want to sacrifice using prime, zoom and art lenses. One of the biggest pain points observed was the disconnect from users who take pictures on smartphones or point-and-shoot cameras, as well as the complexity of the interchangeable-lens camera interface.

These insights led the designers to design a camera that vastly improved the user experience by having two touch screens that allow for seamless control while providing users with the tactile feel of dials and buttons. The result is a distilled camera experience bridges the gap between traditional DSLR or mirrorless camera users, and the photographers of the future.

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